I know whats in your mind. but nope! . This is not because of 13 reasons why but because of 13 hours free time I had. 🙂

o ya! so I started to make use of the money that I earn to pay for the internet bills on something else more benefiting?. so tada!! a blog.

out of all things, why blog?

because, I can write all i want!!

so basically I u come across this blog, u basically have come across something that i already experienced in my life. (& u are curious about it)

Students life, work-life, or anything that gave impacts to my life, I assume. No-uh, no relationship kinda thing (shh.. want to write about that too, but not an experts. Blame the overthinking habit).

so ya, earthlings.. Here I am. Exposing my journey, on Earth.



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