In case u are still searching. Your search might come down to search for good job, search for good articles for your assignment, search for good house to rent, search good partner, search for good colleges, search for impressive thesis title, search for an outfit to impress. U named it. We are always searching. Some of you might experience of searching of something unknown. But why we are still searching?

Some said when you stop searching means u stop living. Can we just stay or embrace what we have now without searching for something else? Trust me or not, sometimes we found what we search, BUT that thing are not good for us. We spent years after years searching for it but when we found it, it is not good for us. Then we start to SEARCH again. Ughhh!! human. Dont we learned?

But I guess that what makes we search at the first place. What we are now, where we are now, what we have now, the position, the house, the money we earned, are lacking. Lacking in something. And that SOMETHING come down to HAPPINESS.

Happiness. open up dictionary guys. Ask your partner, ask your parents, ask your friends or maybe avoid the hard work and just ask yourself . Millions of people with different definition of happiness. Big cars, big dream, fancy cloth, good skin, being famous, good job, good pay. while my definition of happiness is wayyy too broad. Haha.

Happiness is when I finally get to meet my friends after long time.

Happiness if when I finally revealed good news to my mom about how I score in my studies and she smiled.

Happiness is when my dad come home.

Happiness is when my parents healthy.

Happiness is when I am healthy.

Happiness is when I eat. (duhh, who doesnt)

Happiness is when I can see stars in my students eyes when they finally understands something.

Happiness is when my students pass their tests.

Happiness is when taeyeon/Girls generation come out with new album/ song. haha

There is no end to it. I cant just put my type of ‘happiness’ in a sentence. We are made that way, my friend. Searching.. and searching.. . Trust me. We will settle down. When our heart stop beating.

Okay. Enough rant. 🙂

p/s Mind share of your TYPE of Happiness? 🙂


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