Am I lost? A question kept asking myself. I still cant get that job I want and the kind of life I want. This was me few months ago.

I kept arguing with myself that I am not good enough. Not good enough for the company I wanted to work with, doing not good enough with all the job interviews I attended. I even foolishly thought that my decision to pursue my master degree was the dumbest decision I’ve ever made in my life. No 1 will hire someone with master degree in this economic current situation.  I should stop pursuing my education after I get that degree. I should try to get some working experience, maybe with that I can eventually earned money and I can buy small house, comfortable car and settle down.

Settle down. That was what I want. I am too tired.

I define success as having all the money and have fun with it. 

I define success as being an important person in a high prestige company.

I define success as being recognize by people around me. 

So, my definition of success triggered me to think that I am a total failure. I am not in the same circle with successful people. And because of the ill feeling toward myself, I kept wondering on what can I do to achieve all that,achieve my definition of success. I kept thinking that I am so unfortunate.


One day, I went to state library. I come across this book with the title, ; living the significant life (cr to the author, I forgot the author’s name, I am sorry). I read the book really slow, try to understand what the author tried to deliver and it touched me.

I am so wrong. I just where I need to be. I am not a failure. I tried hard, just some of it did not work out but that does not define me as a total failure.

As I go through the book, I found myself again. The old me. The bubbly me. The optimist me. The happy me. The hardworking me.

I need to quote a sentence from the book, which is very important to me. (cr to the author)

‘Success is what happens to you; significance is what happens through you’

p/s I encouraged you to Spend some time to read the book. It is really a great book. Life changing, well at least it change my views on myself, and life. 🙂



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